Generating Leads From Warm Traffic: The Importance


What Do You Mean By Warm Traffic?

The need for digital marketing is increasing day by day and is becoming vital for a company’s success. But if you think you are daily struggling to drive huge traffic to your website or social links, you are not alone. Real leads are warm traffic.

Every business wants to generate leads or sales but do you understand the importance of a customer’s journey in a strong Digital Marketing Agency.  

You might get noticed or ignored altogether but the real challenge with warm traffic is to convince those customers to buy the products or services instead of just noticing them. Remember, this is more than selling.

You can build strong links with your customers via these four stages- contact, consider, convert and care.

After reaching out and getting the attention of some new customers (cold traffic) the next step you need is to “warm up” the generated leads and make them trust you. Remember to offer something unique and reliable than the others. Visit the Top Online Marketing Companyto get simplified solutions for all your online marketing needs.

Now, let’s see some tips to generate warm traffic out of cold traffic.

  • Think More Beyond Awareness

Once you have generated the awareness through contact in the cold traffic stage you can work on warming the same thereafter. You should aim to consider purchasing what your brand offers.

  • Market And Audience

Along with your warm traffic, you will need to target all the promotional activities to the huge audience who are interested in actively buying. Your warm traffic will look like those who actually are searching for your product or services. ·

  • Mindshare

The mind plays the game here! Your audience will know and understand your value proposition along with the unique selling proposition point. They will come to know about your brand and stick on to your product rather than visiting other websites.

  • Marketing Platform

The platform for marketing will depend on your product. Have a look at some ideal marketing platforms to look upon at this phase. However, your marketing strategy varies depending on your business but these options can help to start with for the warm traffic phase.

  1. Display or banner ads
  2. PPC (pay per click) including Google AdWords which is the well-known PPC model.
  3. Email marketing
  4. search engine optimization services (SEO)
  5. Videos which help build awareness offers reliable information etc.
  •   Measurement

Choose the right KPIs (key performance indicators) which will help inform the strategies for all the phases in the future.

Some examples are:

  1. Per visit goal value
  2. CTR (click-through rates)
  3. Page Depth
  4. Growth in the rate of existing audience
  5. Per visit goal value
  6. Percentage of conversions

Your focus should be to create a memorable experience for the customer so that they choose your services again in the future. Remember that the buyer habits may change.
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