Mobile App Development: How To Develop Apps For IPhone?

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What Is An IOS Application?

IOS is a mobile operating system that runs on iPod touch, iPad and iPhone. It is designed for use in apple’s multitouch devices. Basically, it means iPhone operating system. It is the primary software that allows you to interact with your Apple tablet or phone.

IOS is specifically designed for Apple devices. Android, on the other hand, is a global smartphone work platform which is sold by many manufacturers.

Know About IOS Apps Development

If you wish to design an app for iPhone/iPad, you can choose the perfect template from the available custom templates. It will offer a consistent look to the app. However, most of the developers would stick to the interface builder (A tool by apple that allows you to build visual interfaces). Looking for an IOS development company with a cheaper IOS App Development Cost In Delhi? Contact Kuchvi Consulting now!

Steps in IOS app development include:

  • Have A Unique Idea For The App

Why should people like your app? Do you have a unique idea for it?

Make sure to check that the other apps are not proposing the same as you have decided on your brand. Be creative and think of creating a better app while giving the competition to others.

  • Buy A MAC

The iPhone development tools are available only for Mac users. However, to get it in the app store you always will need a MAC.

  • You Need To Become An Official Apple Developer

Register for free! It is simple and you only need to do that once. Once you become an Apple developer, you can develop iPhone apps on any of the mac products.

  • Download The SDK (Software Development Kit) For IPhone

Download the whole software development kit for iPhone which however takes time to download as it includes all types of sample codes and documentation.

  • Download Xcode

X code according to apple “Xcode is a complete, full-featured IDE built around a smooth workflow that integrates the editing of source code, with the build and compiles steps, through to a graphical debugging experience – all without leaving the view of your source code.” This also takes time while downloading.

  • Develop The App Using The Templates Given In SDK

Choose your preferred template from the given custom templates on the SDK. It also contains Youtube tutorials.

  • Program The App In Objective-C

After understanding the Objective-C you are ready to program the app. Some apps need days for working while the rest can take months.

  • Use IPhone Simulator To Test The App

iPhone simulator is provided in the SDK. Test your app and see for any bugs, if remaining. Think about all the methods, one can use your app.

  • Submit The App For Approval

After testing and making improvements if any, submit the app to iTunes for approval. Use the community tab to upload it. The approval may take some time so be patient.

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